Data Inventory and Map


Data Inventory & Map

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Watch Data Inventory & Map

Join Angela Hill for a deep dive discussion into how nation states may be targeting your organization to steal sensitive information. Even though you may not directly deal in "classified" information, attackers will try to use you to pivot into your customers or vendors who do. Angela shares from here career working in the US intelligence sphere. 

Lesson 1: Why You Need a Data Inventory

Lesson 2: Process To Create a Data Inventory

Lesson 3: Data Inventory Map & Employee Surveys

William Price | Security Consultant & Trainer

I am a jack of all trades. ✪ Passionate about data visualization ✪ Helping C-Suite grasp information and operational security ✪ Designing virtual teams and workplaces (Microsoft 365/Teams/SharePoint Consultant/Architect) ✪ Leveraging my global intelligence expertise for: designing systems, virtual environments, and teams.

Watch Data Inventory & Map

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