Practical Infosec Training

Focused On Practical, Hands On Training From Industry Professionals 

With A Private Community Of Support

Why join the infosec academy?

Practical Training

Have you taken a cybersecurity certification and felt like you didn't learn anything? Like it was all mental knowledge? That is why the Infosec Academy focuses on practical training that comes from security practitioners and for practitioners. 

Private Community

One of the biggest benefits of the Infosec Academy is the private community that you can rely on to help you through struggles. Stuck on a lab? Can't figure something out? Reach out to the community and get support.

Hands On Learning

While there's lots of reading and teaching videos, the Infosec Academy incorporates lots of hands on training. You will get the hands-on experience that you need to get ready for the security job that you are seeking. 

Powerful community

Having a community of like-minded learners that you can lean on any time of day or night makes learning information security exponentially easier. We wish we had a community when we were learning, so we've made one for you.

What will you learn?

There's a library of training at your reach inside of the Infosec Academy and we still are constantly adding new courses and training. Here's a little bit of what you will learn...

Network Security

Every business has some kind of network. Networks can be small and simple or large and complex. Protecting the network is the heart of information security.


Defense Strategies

Attackers today are constantly changing their attack methods. This can make defense quite difficult. However, in the academy, you will learn effective principles that will prepare you to defend your organization.


Offensive Security

One of the best ways to test you security defenses and see how well they work is to test them like a hacker would. Penetration testing and offensive security are becoming a go-to method for securing modern organizations. 


Cloud Security

For the last decade, organizations' dependence on cloud technologies has increased dramatically. Understanding how to secure cloud technologies and systems is an absolute must for every cybersecurity practitioner.